ICYMI: Georgia Media Calls on LIBRE Action to Breakdown The Latino Vote in The U.S. Senate Runoff

(Atlanta, GA)Since the initial endorsement of United States Senator David Perdue, The LIBRE Initiative Action and David Casas, Advisor to LIBRE Action in Georgia, have been called on to breakdown the Latino vote in the January’s highly competitive runoff election.

David Casas was interviewed by Univision, El Nuevo Georgia, Georgia Recorder, Bloomberg Government and Al Jazeera to explain the key role Latinos play in this election, what is at stake for the Latino community, why voters should support Sen. Perdue, and how this election has the power to impact the future of our country for generations to come.

Watch the full interviews here:

NBC News, PBS NewsHour, The Daily Caller and Georgia Public Broadcasting also covered LIBRE Action’s support of Sen. Perdue’s re-election.

From the articles:

I think the crux of the issue here is to get as many people who are aligned to turn out,” Garza said. “We know through past voting patterns the affinity people have shown on conservative issues and free market society issues.”

I think [Latinos are] tired of being told that they should submit to big government orthodoxy or to groupthink,” Garza said, noting that conservative Latinos face pressure to vote for Democrats, particularly from white liberals. “I think this is causing a shift in political preference.”


Last month, the LIBRE Initiative Action announced its support for Senator David Perdue, encouraging Latinos to re-elect him to the United States Senate for Georgia.

Efforts focus heavily on grassroots, citizen-to-citizen contact, including door knocking, phone banking, and texting. Read more about the efforts here.