LIBRE Action To Court Latino Vote in Three Key Senate Races

MISSION, TX—The LIBRE Initiative Action (LIBRE Action) today announced its support for three U.S. Senators running for re-election. They include: Sens. John Cornyn (TX), Cory Gardner (CO), and Thom Tillis (NC) who have earned the endorsement of LIBRE Action for their support championing policies that help empower the Hispanic community. LIBRE Action will leverage its grassroots army in support of these candidates.

LIBRE Action Senior Advisor Daniel Garza issued the following statement:

“Senators Cornyn, Gardner, and Tillis have demonstrated their commitment to helping empower the Latino community by removing barriers that are getting in the way of success and prosperity. From supporting tax relief, to making it easier for patients to connect with health care professionals, or to looking for commonsense improvements to our country’s immigration system, these policymakers are looking for solutions to Latino priorities. We look forward to making the case to voters in these states why these senators deserve to be reelected.” 

On Senator John Cornyn:

Senator John Cornyn has consistently shown leadership and driven results for Texas’s Latino community —often in the face of partisan gridlock in Washington. Thanks, in part, to his support, Texans are able to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks and have greater access to quality, affordable health care —ensuring that more Texas families can get the care they need, at a price they can afford, when they need it most.

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On Senator Thom Tillis:

Senator Thom Tillis has shown incredible leadership and a penchant for bridging partisan divides by working hard to take on our country’s biggest challenges. Now more than ever, we need lawmakers who are motivated to work on a nonpartisan basis. Sen. Thom Tillis has been that kind of senator and deserves to be reelected.

To read more about Sen. Tillis’s endorsement, click here.

On Senator Cory Gardner:

Senator Cory Gardner has worked hard to find common ground, drive solutions to Colorado’s biggest challenges, and empower Hispanic individuals and families to reach their full potential. Thanks to his leadership in the U.S. Senate, Coloradans are keeping more of their hard-earned money and have greater access to quality, affordable health care. Sen. Gardner has shown a commitment to nonpartisan solutions through his work to enact a permanent solution for Dreamers and make improvements to our country’s broken immigration system.

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For interviews with a representative from LIBRE Action, please contact Wadi Gaitan, 202-853-4433 or Israel Ortega, 202-345-9130