Monica de la Cruz: Nearly 80K Latinos Engaged by The LIBRE Initiative Action

Monica de la Cruz: Nearly 80K Latinos Engaged by The LIBRE Initiative Action

Latino Political Group Made Nearly 40K Calls and Knocked on Nearly 40K Doors in Support of de la Cruz

(McAllen, TX) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative Action, a group committed to working with anyone to advance positive policies that promote the wellbeing of the Hispanic community, issued a statement congratulating Rep.-Elect Monica de la Cruz after winning her race to represent Texas’ 15th congressional district.

As part of their canvassing efforts, LIBRE Action knocked on nearly 40,000 doors and made close to 40,000 phone calls in support of De la Cruz.

Jorge Martinez, advisor to LIBRE Action, issued the following statement after the race was called for Rep. Elect Monica de la Cruz:

“Make no mistake. This was a hard-fought election, where every vote mattered. But in the end, the people of South Texas made their voices heard by electing Monica de la Cruz.

LIBRE Action focused its efforts by reaching independent, unaligned, and even left of center voters by zeroing in on the destructive policies coming out of Washington making it harder for hard working South Texans to live out their version of the American Dream.

It’s clear that this message resonated with voters in Texas’ 15th congressional district who voted to send De la Cruz so that she can go to Washington and reverse the destructive economic policies contributing to rising inflation. We look forward to working with Rep.- Elect De la Cruz in Washington.”