Yesli Vega is The Best Candidate for Latinos in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District

Grassroots Organization Will Mobilize Virginia’s Latino Community to Vote 

Arlington, VA—The LIBRE Initiative Action-Virginia today endorsed Yesli Vega (VA-7) for U.S. Congress.

The LIBRE Initiative Action (LIBRE Action) is a group, with roots in Virginia, committed to working with anyone to advance positive policies that promote the well-being of the Hispanic community.

Michael Monrroy, advisor to LIBRE Action-Virginia, issued the following statement in support of Yesli Vega:

“We’re proud to endorse Yesli Vega, a Prince William County Supervisor, and like many in our community, she is the daughter of immigrants. But, most importantly, Vega knows the power of the American Dream and the proper role of government—limited. Currently, that Dream is being threatened by every act of government overreach and burdensome regulation. The big-government approach and reckless spending are having detrimental effects on our economic opportunities. Vega will work to restore the government to its proper size and scope and restore the American Dream by supporting policies that empower the American people to work together to solve the greatest challenges facing our nation, from the bottom-up. From now through Election Day, LIBRE Action will be conducting voter outreach in Virginia’s 7th congressional district to mobilize Latinos in support of Yesli Vega.”