Latino Political Group Endorses Dave McCormick for U.S. Senate 

The LIBRE Initiative Action Will Mobilize Pennsylvania Latino Vote in Support of McCormick 

(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative Action, a political group committed to supporting candidates who want to advance freedom-minded solutions, announced its support for Dave McCormick, a candidate for the U.S. Senate against Bob Casey. 

LIBRE Action will leverage its grassroots army to mobilize Latino voters in Pennsylvania in support of Dave McCormick.  

Jennie Dallas, advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action, issued the following statement: 

“The Latino community in Pennsylvania is growing and eager for greater economic opportunity to reach their American Dream. But the Washington policies being promoted by Bob Casey are growing the size of government and forcing our country through the highest inflation in decades.  Pennsylvania has the 3rd highest rate of Latino poverty in the United States and thanks to Senator Casey we are worse off now than we were 6 years ago. We cannot afford another 6 years of failed leadership.   

To course correct we need bold principled policy champions like Dave McCormick in Washington fighting to expand economic opportunity for all Americans – including Pennsylvania’s Latino community. 

Over the next few months, we look forward to mobilizing the Latino vote in Pennsylvania in support of Dave McCormick. Pennsylvania Latinos cannot afford to continue with six more years of Bob Casey.” 

Background on The LIBRE Initiative Action 

The LIBRE Initiative Action® is committed to supporting candidates who want to advance freedom-minded policies that promote the wellbeing and self-sufficiency of the Hispanic community and the nation. We believe candidates should stand for eliminating barriers to growth and innovation, trumpet educational achievement, protect the vulnerable, and encourage more participation of Latinos in our economy and communities. We believe that is the way to achieve the American Dream. 

LIBRE Action was created to support those who champion these policies and to build the broad coalitions in Washington D.C. necessary to get them passed. Our vision is to build a movement of millions around policies that lead to a society of mutual benefit-where people succeed by helping others improve their lives-and to break the internal and external barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential. 


The LIBRE Initiative Action Announces Endorsements in Key, Targeted California Congressional Races 

LIBRE Action will launch ads and mobilize Latinos in favor of these candidates  

Arlington, VA— (6/24/24) The LIBRE Initiative Action, a political organization committed to electing candidates who want to advance freedom-minded policies that promote the well-being and self-sufficiency of the Hispanic community, announced its endorsements of Representatives John Duarte (CA-13), Kevin Kiley (CA-03), Michelle Steel (CA-45), and candidate Scott Baugh (CA-47). LIBRE Action endorsed Rep. Young Kim earlier this year.  

LIBRE Action remains committed to leveraging its resources (digital, mail, phone banking) to mobilize Latino voters in these competitive congressional districts.  

These endorsements also represent LIBRE Action’s commitment to expanding engagement with Latinos beyond its core 13 chapter states.  

Sandra Benitez, senior advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action, issued the following statement when announcing the endorsements: 

“Latinos are working hard for a better life and to be able to achieve their American Dream. However, achieving this dream has become increasingly difficult due to inflation and the high cost of living. Hispanics are eager for candidates who will fight against bad policies and support good, effective policies. LIBRE Action is pleased to support this new list of candidates who are dedicated to preserving the American dream both in California and across the country. It is important to elect these candidates who will fight to implement policies that help create opportunity and economic growth that empowers all families.” 


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