Juan Ciscomani Earns the Endorsement of The LIBRE Initiative Action

Juan Ciscomani Earns the Endorsement of The LIBRE Initiative Action

Grassroots Political Latino Organization Will Mobilize Latino Arizona Community

PRESS RELEASE 09/14/2022
(Tucson, AZ) –  Today, The LIBRE Initiative Action, a group committed to working with anyone to advance positive policies that promote the wellbeing of the Hispanic community, announced its support for Juan Ciscomani – a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona’s 6th congressional district.

Fernando Gonzales, advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action, issued the following statement shortly after making the announcement: 

“The Arizona Latino community is hurting because Washington has been on a reckless spending spree contributing to a debilitating inflation that’s making it harder to make ends meet. We need new leadership in Washington to change course by enacting pro-growth economic policies that will make it easier for all Americans – including Arizona’s Latino community — to find work, see their wages grow and provide for their families. Juan Ciscomani understands the urgency to act to rein in government spending and expand opportunity and prosperity for all.”

Gonzales went on to add:

“Besides addressing economic opportunity, Arizonans are also demanding that Washington act to fix our country’s immigration system. As a border state, Arizona must deal firsthand with Washington’s inability to enact legislation that both improves border security and improves our country’s immigration system. Juan is prepared to lead on immigration once he gets to Washington and deal urgently with this critical issue for our country and local community.”

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