Rep. Juan Ciscomani Earns Endorsement from The LIBRE Initiative Action

Political Group Will Mobilize Latino Voters in Arizona for Ciscomani

(Phoenix, AZ) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative Action, a political organization committed to working with those who want to advance freedom-minded policies that promote the well-being and self-sufficiency of the Hispanic community, endorsed Rep. Juan Ciscomani – a candidate for reelection to represent Arizona’s 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In addition to mobilizing Latino voters in Arizona’s 6th congressional district, LIBRE Action will invest in digital, television, and radio advertisements in support of Rep. Juan Ciscomani

Monet Bacs, advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action, issued the following statement when announcing the endorsement:

“The Arizona Latino community is facing tremendous headwinds from Washington policies contributing to high inflation rates and stagnant wages. It’s why so many Latinos feel like the American Dream is slipping away. 

Thankfully, Arizonans have a true policy champion in the form of Rep. Juan Ciscomani who has prioritized pro-growth economic policies to help all Americans – including Arizona’s Latino community – to pursue opportunity and prosperity.

Now more than ever we need policy champions in Washington to make sure that we can right this ship so that our local economies can thrive.”