Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar Earns Endorsement from The LIBRE Initiative Action

Political Group Will Mobilize Latino Voters in S. Florida for Salazar

(Miami, FL) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative Action, a political organization committed to working with those who want to advance freedom-minded policies that promote the well-being and self-sufficiency of the Hispanic community, endorsed Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar – a candidate for reelection to represent Florida’s 27th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In addition to mobilizing Latino voters in South Florida, LIBRE Action will invest in digital, television, and radio advertisements in support of Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar.

Jose Mallea, senior advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action, issued the following statement when announcing the endorsement:

“Since being elected to represent the people of Florida’s 27th congressional district, Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar has prioritized the need to identify solutions for some of our country’s most pressing issues. Instead of waiting for others to lead, Rep. Salazar has rolled up her sleeves, gotten to work, and introduced legislation to promote economic opportunity while looking for ways to improve our country’s immigration system.  

LIBRE Action looks forward to mobilizing the full weight of our grassroots capabilities to ensure that Rep. Salazar is reelected so that she can continue working for the people of South Florida and all Americans.”