The LIBRE Initiative Action Endorses Rep. Tony Gonzales for Reelection

The LIBRE Initiative Action Endorses Rep. Tony Gonzales for Reelection

Hispanic Advocacy Group Will Mobilize Supporters for Rep. Gonzales

PRESS RELEASE 06/08/2022
(El Paso, Texas) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative Action, a group committed to working with anyone to advance positive policies that promote the wellbeing of the Hispanic community, announced its support for Rep. Tony Gonzales – a candidate for re-election for the U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’ 23rd congressional district.

LIBRE Action is supporting Rep. Gonzales for being a policy champion on various issues, including immigration and economic opportunity.

Karla Y. Sierra, advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action, issued the following statement in support of Rep. Tony Gonzales:

 “In addition to tackling inflation, South Texans are coping with the consequences of a federal government derelict in their duties in securing our border and modernizing our broken immigration system. Over the years, many elected officials make promises to lead on immigration, but fail to follow through.”

 Karla Y. Sierra continued:

 “Rep. Tony Gonzales has proven to be a principled leader willing to take the political risks to lead on immigration. As one of the original co-sponsors of the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act, Rep. Gonzales has introduced bipartisan legislation to begin fixing our immigration system’s most urgent needs. In addition to providing additional resources for border security, his bill would also more quickly process migrants who are trying to enter the U.S.

And at a time when leading economists are saying that excessive federal spending is contributing to rising inflation, Rep. Gonzales will have an opportunity to be a voice for fiscal discipline.”

Sierra concluded:

“As a group with deep ties in the Lone Star State, we are excited to marshal our army of volunteers and activists from El Paso to San Antonio and everywhere in between to get the vote out in support of Rep. Tony Gonzales.”