The LIBRE Initiative Action Endorses Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar

The LIBRE Initiative Action Endorses Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar

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PRESS RELEASE 06/09/2022
(Miami, FL) –  Today, The LIBRE Initiative Action, a group committed to working with anyone to advance positive policies that promote the wellbeing of the Hispanic community, announced its support for Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar’s reelection campaign in Florida’s 27th congressional district.

Alian Collazo, advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action, issued a statement in support of Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar:

“Many in South Florida’s Hispanic community have first-hand experience living under a government that grew too much, spent recklessly, and rolled back freedoms. Rep. Salazar understands this and has become a policy champion in Washington to fight for pro-growth economic policies to ensure that South Florida and this country remain a place of opportunity and prosperity that has drawn so many to these shores.”

 Collazo continued:

And at a time when too many politicians are more interested in political expediency, Rep. Salazar has focused on solutions – including introducing legislation to improve our country’s immigration system – a vital issue for the people of South Florida.

We look forward to mobilizing our supporters in South Florida to make sure that Rep. Salazar is reelected to continue the work she has started in Washington for the people of Florida’s 27th congressional district.”



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